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  • Anya MacFarlane

The Health Benefits of Talking Therapies

It is being reported today that talking therapies can improve the quality of life for people coping with IBS, a huge leap forward by the wider health care community of GP's, University Studies and the NHS. When a recognised medical body has researched and confirmed the benefits of talking therapies and health it opens the door to individuals seeking a long-term, non-medicated solution.

Our mindset is fundamental to our well-being, we can hold onto unhelpful beliefs that manifest themselves in our physical health. Shifting these beliefs and replacing them with new more helpful beliefs allow a kinder thought pattern which helps manage our internal voice known also as our chimp.

Taking Responsibility

As an NLP Practitioner one of the most common issues are clients taking responsibility for themselves and their behaviour, it is easier to be the victim, blame others for their circumstance and emotional well-being. They belief that if others around them change then their lives will be better, more productive, calmer. When we talk about they themselves changing, taking responsibility, being in control of their own emotions and looking for ways in which they could change their own situation. How can they look at their own behaviour and what was their role in the outcome.

In the early stages of therapy I hear but its not fair, why should I change?

Why? Well is your current stance helpful to you? What could you have done differently to have achieved a more beneficial outcome? What outcome were you looking for? Did you envisage what you were looking to achieve? Were you listening to others and really understanding what they wanted to achieve?

Answer to most of the above - NO- out comes the chimp and our belief that to stick to our point will keep us safe at all costs even our own health.

Talking to Someone

Talking to someone you have no connection with, whose role is to listen, ask questions to allow you to find the answers which are right for you. You do have all the answers to help yourself find the best solution for a healthier life.

Your own picture meditation

This healthier life starts in your own mind and moves its way down your spinal chord and slowly, calmly spreads through every part of your being, that wonderful kind voice, spreading love and relaxation down through your heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach. Encompassing all your wonderful body in a blanket of soft white cotton wool. Allowing you to let go and lie still and relaxed in the soft, warm, bright calmness surrounding you.............

Well that's my image of how I like to be kept safe, what's yours?

For more information on Inmind NLP and how this therapy may help with your IBS then please call for a chat on 07796455592

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