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Personal Development

One to one coaching includes learning a range of tools and techniques which will enable you a greater understanding of your behaviour and responses to those around you.  You will development more open communication and the ability to be understood. Recognising what you want and how to build the steps to achieve your goals effectively.

Career Coaching

Learn how to determine exactly what you want through NLP Goal Setting.  Install new productive language.  Understand and change unhelpful behaviours to new productive, helpful ones.  Remove limiting beliefs and associations from past & present roles and relationships.

Business Development
Sports Performance Coach

NLP Tools and techniques can aid both adults and children in their quest for achieving their best in any sport.  Through a range of developed techniques of curiousity, modelling, anchoring and shifting limiting beliefs the ability to achieve is insurmountable. Let your mind be your most powerful tool in the pursuit to be the best you can be.

Parenting Coach

I hold group parenting workshops, as a parent of two teenagers I have hands on experience of what to do and what not to do.  Communicating with your children can be challenging as everyone has their own map of the world and specific main communication driver whether it is visual, auditory or kinesthetic.  My workshops will help you learn how to listen and communicate more effectively.

Coach individual team members to build confidence

Look at team dynamics and help model and build a cohesive, positive and forward thinking team in line with company strategies.  Guide individuals and teams on rapport and skills required for enhanced productivity in sales, customer relations and strong team environments. 

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